Protect your lovely pet

A unique electronic card and tag of your pet, helping to find it in case of loss.

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Our advantages

Proof of

With a electronic card and tag, you can easily verify ownership of an animal.


You can choose from few tag colors, as well as upload your own photo and text.

High quality

We use only the best materials: high-quality plastic and printing inks.

by QR-code

Special QR code and link with pet data and contact details of the owner.


Virtual card - a web page for a pet, with setting the privacy of contacts.

Donations to
homeless animals

By purchasing - you help homeless animals, we allocate part of the profit to shelters.

Easy to confirm that this is your pet

The information is duplicated on your personal card and on your pet's tag. This is why it will be easy for you to verify identity.

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Product variants

Choose your set -5$ OFF

Assemble your kit for yourself and your pet Create now

Tag only $14.90

Pet toket for your pet, custom color and settings tag for your pet. Create now

Double Tag $19.90

Double tag for your pet with custome text and two pictures. Create now

ID Card only $14.90

Pet owner identification card, for confirmation in case of loss. Create now

Key chain $14.90

Pet owner identificationkey chain, for confirmation in case of los. Create now

ID Card & Key chain $19.90

Pet owner identification card and key chain, for confirmation in case of loss. Create now

Stages of ordering


Selecting the desired card / token option

Select the desired product option from our catalog


Using the constructor
for ordering

Fill in all the required details to create your card and token


Preview and order

Check the correctness of the data and send a request


Payment according to
the received details

We will provide you with payment details for the created order.


packaging and shipping

We will manufacture your product and send it to you


A satisfied customer
and his pet

You will receive your goods by delivery, you will be able to use it

Personal virtual card of your pet, with your contact details

You automatically get access to your pet's virtual card in the Pet iCard online service. If the pet is lost, the person who found it will be able to scan the code on the animal's tag and open a virtual page in your contacts for communication.

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